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Does happiness and inner peace feel

too far out of reach?

They are not

Hello I am Ale, and I'm here to show what's possible for you

You are committed. You are persistent. You're the one that makes things happen.

Yet here you are, feeling lost and unfulfilled pretending everything is ok.

And you wonder… 

Why is it that everyone else seems to have their life sorted out and you can’t figure out how to feel satisfied?

The answer is simple; you have not been taught how.

I hear you. I was there too

For years I thought I could find happiness contained in cute little boxes, wrapped with shiny papers such as: 

A ‘respectful’ career
A highly paid job
A big home
A loving partner

I spent lots of time, energy and money pursuing all that, without realizing that the more I had, the emptier I felt.

It all looked good on paper,

I worked as an IT manager in a multinational company, travelling all over the world. 
I got to live in 3 different countries, when so many of my friends never got to leave home. 
I married a good man, and we lived in a house with a yard so big, that a family of deer made it their playground.

But I knew something was missing and I felt deeply unhappy.


Plus, being so hard on myself made everything ten times worse :(

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with cancer over 10 years ago, that I started questioning every decision I had made in my life.

During my healing process, I decided to begin a deep journey of self-discovery, where I learned what the school system does not teach us:

Who I truly am
How to understand and accept myself, and
How to trust my inner wisdom

But even knowing all of that, I was scared to let go of what I had, despite the heavy burden it was adding to my life.

Luckily through coaching I had the support to put my knowledge into practice, and started to:

Use my inner wisdom in my decision making
Use my mind to work for me instead of against me
Manage my emotions so that I could pursue what I wanted

Become my own best friend to feel safe, no matter what

And this got me where I am

Being true to myself and doing what I love

My life may no longer look like a fairy tale, but it's perfect for me:

I live in a cozy house in a friendly neighborhood.

I have a relationship with my partner that breaks all social norms,

but works well for both.

I have a business that aligns with what I love and,

I have a very cool boss ... obviously ;)


And more important, I drift off to sleep each night

with deep peace of mind, knowing I am living how I want.

This kind of contentment is possible for you too, with me as your guide

Want to see how it would look like for you?

Schedule a free clarity session with me and we'll map out your steps to the life that is waiting for you.

A bit more about me:


I am someone who enjoys having a simple lifestyle - less is better - 

I love being in nature and doing as much as I can to take care of our Mother Earth.

You will often find me walking my dog while listening to podcasts and books.

- I am addicted to learning -

When alone, I dance and sing in front of the mirror.

And I pretend to speak French, just because I love how it sounds.

Never learned it though

I am someone who enjoys helping others in any way possible.

And someone who has her ups and downs,

her lights and shadows,

constantly trying her best, to grow.

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