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It's time to change your life's direction

And do what feels right for you

Find satisfaction. Find your truth. Find yourself

Imagine a life where ...

You’ve created such a deep connection with yourself, that making decisions feels easy.

You’re very clear on what you want (no more feeling like you don’t trust yourself or being stuck in people pleasing mode).

You have the confidence to move forward without the crushing weight of being hard on yourself or second guessing your choices because you are afraid of hurting others.

You lay your head down on the pillow with a deep sense of peace, knowing you are exactly where you want to be.

This is all within your reach

It might feel impossible, but it’s not.

I will guide you there

I will help you:

Get rid of the things that stop you from believing in yourself
Be decisive and go after what you want, with confidence
Create true happiness and inner peace (yes!!! it’s something you create, not something you find!)
Find yourself and redesign your life, your way


I’ve helped my clients step into new possibilities for themselves that once seemed unrealistic

Aka: career changes, launch businesses, improve relationships, relocate to pursue their dreams, etc.

Sometimes that means taking a completely new direction, and other times

it is transforming what you already have.

It doesn’t matter as long as it creates the satisfaction you’ve been craving for.

You’ve probably taken courses, purchased self-help books,

and maybe even worked with other coaches without getting the results you want.

And you might be wondering, how will this get me there?

I have been there too

And I have found a way out

Some years ago, I felt lost, with no sense of direction and trapped in what I thought was the perfect life.

I clearly remember sitting down in my flawless, nicely decorated living room, beating myself up for being ungrateful towards everything around me.

As a high achiever, I worked to have all I ever wanted (or so I thought), but I couldn’t stop thinking about how miserable and unsatisfied, I felt.

I was constantly wondering:

Why am I so mean towards the people I love? Am I a bad person?
Why can’t I have the confidence to say what I think or go after what I want at work?
Why can’t I just stop eating those chocolates to finally lose weight?
Why can’t I just be happy (like everyone else seems to be)?

And one day, I was diagnosed with cancer...

A part of me believed that swallowing so much frustration for a long time, was what created the illness. 
Something I will never know for sure.

But what I am certain about, is that the situation opened my eyes to the change I had to do.


As soon as my body healed, I embarked the journey to healing my soul.

I didn’t know where to start

All I knew is that I needed help to safely release the anger and frustration I had been carrying for years. 
In that moment, I had no way of knowing that the changes I wanted in my present life, would also require to heal very deep wounds from my past.

It was all together a 15-year journey, which took me from support groups, to therapy, to an extensive

7-year-certification about the meaning of life, to meditation retreats, to life coaching certification and to my own deep work with coaches.

And now, I have consolidated all that experience into the work I do with my clients, because I realized that all the wisdom practices I learned, point to the same truth:

The meaning you give to your own existence and your experiences, is what determines the quality of your life, and the peace and fulfillment you get to create

This is what helps us:

Forgive ourselves and our past decisions.

Release what doesn’t serve us to act from our true self, and
Create the present and future we want.


And this is exactly what I did to forgive myself and eradicate the unnecessary suffering

that was preventing me from showing up at my best, with everything and everyone around me.

I can help you do the same

You can...

Have a deep connection with yourself and know exactly what you want, to live an authentic life.
Feel confident to make decisions and speak up for yourself, without fear of judgement, regret, or hurting others.
Have the energy, time, and mindset to follow through on what you desire the most.
Treat yourself with so much kindness, that good habits are part of your lifestyle.
Have peace of mind knowing that no matter what, you are going to be ok.

...with me as your guide

The lighter the load, the higher you fly

I will ...

Help you get to the core of who you are by getting rid of the heavy baggage of rules, shoulds and beliefs that were transferred on to you.

Teach you how to give meaning to your past and present experiences,

to cultivate inner peace.

Show you how to trust your inner wisdom to make choices that feel right for YOU.

Help you quiet down the internal voice that is stopping you from owning your power and going after what you want.

Guide you to reconnect with what you love and define

your roadmap to living a fulfilled life.


Does this sound like something you want more of in your life?

Together we can get you there

Are you ready?


If not now, then when?, If not you, then who?

The path to the life you've dreamed of for years, is just one click away


Schedule your call today




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