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Feeling lost in the perfect life

you thought you wanted? 

If you think you:

Are wasting your time living a life that doesn't feel like YOU

Can’t trust yourself and are unsure about what you want

Are failing others because you are not showing up at your best

Have lost contact with yourself

And you know that being unhappy and dissatisfied is no way to live...

Then, this space is for you

Hello, I am Ale

I help high achievers cultivate peace of mind to make decisions with confidence and enjoy the life they have worked so hard for.

Does this sound way beyond your reach?

It's not

You don’t need to be the Dalai Lama or spend years meditating with the Tibetan monks, to feel at peace.

You can create peace and satisfaction, where you are, and build a life in your own terms by learning how to become friends with your mind.

Together we can get you there



The emotional state I was in a year ago, made my life much more difficult than what it needed to be.

I had everything I thought I wanted but I felt very unhappy.

I thought “that’s the way I am”, “that’s how life is”. I was questioning every decision I made.

With Ale’s help, I started to listen to myself and to think and behave differently. One of my biggest accomplishments was to leave what I thought was my “dream” job, feeling zero regrets about it.

The way I feel now is shockingly different.

I never imagined that in a year’s time I was going to feel at peace. I am another me.

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